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Waterproofing Membranes


Asphalt Based Products:

Ultra-Shield WB Waterproofing

Ultra-Shield WB Waterproofing is a polymer modified asphalt emulsion membrane. It is designed and recommended for use as the membrane component in an exterior wall waterproofing system. Ultra-Shield WB forms a tough, durable membrane which bridges shrinkage cracks and maintains its superior performance properties when exposed to the chemicals found in soil. Ultra-Shield WB meets the ICC-ES acceptance criteria for liquid-applied waterproofing and dampproofing membranes (ERS-2702).

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Ultra-Shield SB Waterproofing

Ultra-Shield SB Waterproofing is a solvent-based polymer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane. The addition of rubber polymer in the coating enables the membrane to elongate up to 850%. Ultra-Shield SB also complies with EPA model standards for radon control.

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BoneDry® WPT Waterproofing

Bone Dry WPT is a modified asphalt emulsion developed for use as a high quality below grade waterproofing barrier. BoneDry WPT's low vapor permeance, outstanding adhesion, and superior combination of hardness and flexibility make it a great choice for any below grade waterproofing application. BoneDry WPT is an air cure membrane that will be fully cured in 24 hours. It can be used in conjunction with many types of protection/drainage boards to achieve the best system for your specific applications. BoneDry WPT meets the ICC-ES acceptance criteria for liquid-applied waterproofing and dampproofing membranes (ERS-2702).

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1730 Ultra-Shield Waterproofing

1730 Ultra-Shield Waterproofing is a polymer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane. It complies with EPA Model Standard for radon control in new home construction. 1730 Ultra-Shield is manufactured to the highest quality control standards and in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements. ISO certification ensures that each gallon produced meets the highest quality control standards in the industry.

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BoneDry® RPT Waterproofing

Bone Dry RPT is an asphalt emulsion developed for use as a below grade waterproofing barrier. BoneDry RPT's outstanding adhesion, low vapor permeance and elongation up to 1200% make it a great choice for waterproofing application. Some typical applications include waterproofing residential basements and crawl spaces.

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Ultra-Shield Self-Stick Membrane

Ultra-Shield Self-Stick Membrane is a prefabricated, self-adhering waterproofing sheet membrane. It is composed of a durable, multi-layer polymer film that is coated with a proprietary rubberized asphalt adhesive. A release sheet protects the asphalt membrane and prevents the roll from sticking to it-self while it is stored and handled. The release sheet is removed as the membrane is installed. Typical applications include waterproofing foundation walls, plaza decks, and balconies. It can also be used under siding, exterior plaster and as a through wall flashing.

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GMX Hot Applied Waterproofing

GMX Hot-Applied Waterproofing is a premium grade waterproofing adhesive with superior adhesion characteristics, excellent low temperature flexibility and an unusually high softening point and penetration index. When used in conjunction with polyester, it forms a waterproofing system with superior tensile strength and elongation properties. It can be applied over a wide range of temperatures. The addition of rubber elastomers enables the membrane to adapt to the stress levels inherent in concrete slabs while continuing to provide excellent waterproofing, puncture and abrasion resistance.

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Urethane Based Products:

GMX Elastomeric Coating

GMX Elastomeric Coating is a black, liquid applied, single component, moisture cured polyurethane coating. It is designed to form a seamless, flexible rubber membrane which is impervious to moisture. When cured, GMX Elastomeric Coating permits expansion and contraction over a broad temperature range while maintaining its waterproofing properties under the most demanding conditions, including continuous exposure to water.

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GMX Elastomeric Coating H2O

GMX Elastomeric H2O is a high solids, water curable, liquid applied, bitumen modified, coal tar free, urethane polyurea waterproofing membrane for vertical and horizontal surfaces. The system is fully adhered and reinforced and may be applied at any field thickness from 30 to 2500 mils or more in one application while supplying simultaneous curing throughout the coating. It may be applied directly with a brush, squeegee, trowel or phenolic core roller; no heat is required to facilitate the application.

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GMX Elastomeric R-12

GMX Elastomeric R-12 is a low odor, low VOC, water-curable interior or exterior elastic waterproofing membrane adhesive and coating for waterproofing under polyurethane coatings and concealed waterproofing applications under concrete and metal. R-12 provides a totally monolithic long-lasting, weather tight seal to a variety of common building substrates. GMX Elastomeric R-12 can bond to damp masonry and is primerless on most substrates making it very economical. This product meets the criteria of ASTM C-836 and E-96.

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Polymeric Rubber Based Products:


GreyHound is a commercial grade water based all-polymer spray applied waterproofing emulsion. GreyHound is solvent free; therefore it is fully compliant with VOC regulations in all 50 states. It provides seamless waterproofing protection for the most difficult jobs with tremendous elongation, strength and adhesion. Designed for use on parged / unparged masonry and concrete substrates.

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